Rage of Amaterasu

~The Hidden Cause of the Earthquake~


Being an astrologer,

I'm a non-Christian pantheist. 

Politically, a patriot.

The present government led by the Democratic Party of Japan has been damaging our country since the power shift in September of 2009.

I don't describe the each case here, 

but the damage was immense, not only politically and diplomatically but also spiritually.

The present Prime Minister Kan, 

is a man of no faith, Not precisely

an atheist nor communist though.

He has been an anti-patriot for quite a long time.

He has no respect for our national flag nor anthem.

He never visits Yasukuni Jinja Shrine.

This is just like the President of

the United States never visits

the Arlington National Cemetery!

It's unbelievable, isn't it?

What a shame!

How can a person like this be Prime Minister,

in the first place...?


To my surprise, Mr. Kan was courageous enough to

visit Ise Jingu, the largest shrine dedicated to Amaterasu the Sun Goddess, the highest deity

in Shinto, in January.

This shrine is also known as one of

the intersecitons of the Japanese Ley-Lines,

the paths of mystical energy.

Almost all of the Prime Ministers in the past 

had visited there to purify themselves

for the New Year.

Mr. Kan unwillingly did it just to play

the "role" of Prime Minister.

I think Amaterasu, the sun goddess,

or Mother Nature, or the Goddess within,

if you want to call her,  showed us

her rage and fury to wake us up.

To be re-born for the oncoming spiritual evolution

of mankind in 2012.

We have to learn lots of things through this tragedy.

And I'm sure we can do it!